Our Terms & Conditions

Roads for Roadside assistance and car wash



  • Roadz Inc. is a company that provides roadside assistance and car wash for an annual subscription 15KD per vehicle serving throughout the State of Kuwait only.

  • Every subscriber has the right to view the "Terms and Conditions" before subscribing to the application of roadside assistance and car wash.

  • Apply the terms and conditions mentioned on all the subscribers, whether subscribers to one vehicle or more, as a standard for all the subscriptions.


Sharia’a compliance


From the principle of sharia compliance Roadz company ensured to apply the provisions of Islamic Sharia law in commercial contracts for the customers to provide them with its services on the roadside assistance and car wash, as follows:

" The parties agreed that the first party provides the car wash service once during the year for an amount of 15 KD, This is against his subscription through the application. Furthermore, the first party provides free roadside assistance services associated with the second party which includes: Vehicle towing - Battery charging service - Fuel delivery service – Tire spare change service – opening Locked Car service in case of a key loss.


Terms and Conditions


Validity of road services and Car wash services subscriptions:


  1. Road services:


  • Roadz Co. requires their customers to be permanent residents of the State of Kuwait and hold a valid driver 's license.

  • Roadz company offers its services to help on the road over a 24/7 hour with unlimited requests in exchange for subscription annually.

  • The subscription is a 12-month from the date of subscription for the vehicle registered within the application

  • The company provides its services through the application where the customer can locate it on the google map and identify the problem through the application only.

  • Roadz provides services for private vehicles only and does not apply to rental cars, rental entities, or taxis.

  • The subscription applies to the vehicle registered within the application and whose fees are paid, and not to the owner as a person.

  • The services will be available to use after 48 hours from the payment date and time.

  • Each subscriber has the right to use one service during the same day, as a maximum.

  • The company provides its subscribers the roadside assistance services and car wash, except for accidents, fire, theft, attempted theft, or vandalism. 

  • You are not entitled to a joint request for any of the services and benefits covered by the application before the activation of the customer subscription(48 hours), and the company has the right to refuse to provide services , whether it was before the payment of subscription fees or before activation.

  • Your vehicle must be with you after requesting the service, and we will not provide you with the service if your vehicle is not with you at the time the service provider arrives to assist you.

  • Roadz Co. has the right to cancel the subscription and the withholding of any of its services in the case was common contrary, abusive, or seeks intentionally to harm the company or any of its services providers, and tries to take advantage of the service through deception. (See the section on abuse of services on page 3)

  • Subscriber shall have the right to request to cancel his subscription and to refund the paid amount within 14 days from the date of the payment, and the services should not have been used or benefited from any of the services and benefits during this period. Customer should notify the company for his cancelation through the phone or via e - mail

  • If the subscriber sold the vehicle that was subscribed in the application , he must notify the company of the vehicle's data and specifications in order to take the necessary action to stop the subscription via e-mail within 7 days of selling the vehicle



  1. Car wash service:


  • Every subscriber has a onetime car wash which is available after activating the subscription, is entitled to wash the car subscribed in the application only once during the subscription period, this service is provided at the verified Car wash of Roadz co.

  • The client must highlight the custom barcode for the subscribed car or provide the Reference ID related to the customer’s subscription in the application.



Available services and conditions


Roadz Co. provides its customers service to help the road in the event of unexcepted crashes in the vehicle include all these services from:

1-Replacing Spare tire:

  • This service includes open and installation of the spare tire spare tire, if available.

2-    Breakdown Vehicle Tow Service (winch)

ü       This service includes towing the broken vehicle only on the road.

3-    Fuel Delivery Service:

  • This service includes delivering fuel to the participant in case of depletion and stopping the vehicle on the road

(Subscriber shall bear the cost of fuel only).

4-    Battery Jump Start Service:

  • This service includes battery charge in case the subscriber needs it.

5-    Car Opening Service in Case of Losing the Key:

  • This service includes opening the locked car in case the key is forgotten inside the car.

6-    Car Wash Service :

  • Through this service, the customer has the right to wash his/her vehicle only one time, and it will be available after the subscription is activated, during the period of his subscription.

  • The discount barcode must be shown to the entity responsible for providing a car wash service, to prove the validity of the subscription or the Reference number.







The subscription Restrictions and misuse of services:


  1. Spare tire Replacement Service:

  • This service does not include repairing the tire, purchasing a new tire, or separating the tire from the Ring.


  1. Breakdown vehicle tow service (winch):

  • This service does not include the transportation of a vehicle that is not broken down (the transportation of healthy vehicles), and this service does not include the towing of any vehicles that had an accident before or after the subscription, and this service is not available to transport or tow rescue vehicles or vehicles that are not suitable for driving from your residence to another location It requires transportation to it. The vehicles must be registered and fit for driving, and it does not include cars that are broken down in places that are difficult for a winch to reach, for example (multi-story parking - basement - government places ... etc.)

  • Service does not include the tow service of cars from place of residency (home, beach houses, farms… any private residency)


  1. Fuel Delivery Service:

  • This service does not include full tank filling the vehicle with fuel but only sufficiently filling to make the driver able to reach the nearest Gas Station.

  • Also, this service does not include fuel delivery to homes, houses, beach houses, farms, and private places.


  1. Battery Recharging Service:

  • This service does not include battery replacement or repair.

  • Roadz has the right to refuse providing the service if it finds that the customer has not replaced the battery after providing the charging service.


  1. Car Opening Service in Case of Losing The Key:

  • You must make sure to bring out the identity of the ownership of the car after opening the car, otherwise we will take legal action against who requested the service.



  1. Car Wash Service:

  • The subscriber may not use this service more than one, to be used only during the subscription period otherwise it will not be available for the customer.

  • The customer has no right to carry over the service when renewing for another year.

  • A customer with more than one vehicle has no right to carry over the use of registered cars.



7.         Roadz Company has the right to refuse from providing the services and cancel the customer’s subscription the in the event of deliberately leaving the vehicle without repairing after providing the service without maintenance or neglected or stolen and they need repair.

8.         Roadz has the right to refuse from providing the service and cancel the subscription when it is repeated to the subscriber who has a malfunction in the vehicle during close periods of time with the intention not to repair the malfunction in a manner that represents an abuse of the services provided.

9.         Regarding to the towing service of vehicles (Winch service) is considered completed service and complete as soon as the transfer of the vehicle reached to the destination determined by the customer in advance in case the client 's request after reaching the requested destination change or move them to another place, the transportation costs will be at the client cost.

10.       The service is not provided for taxis, motorcycles, tractors, boats, trailers, trucks and recreational vehicles, sports cars, racing vehicles, stolen vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, illegally parked vehicles, and detained vehicles.

11.       The services are not available  for the subscriber in special sites in special sites which anyone hasn’t the right to enter them or there are fees to enter those sites (military - oil - any sites you need a license and permission to enter or pay a fee ) or any of the sites blocked and inaccessible.

12.       Roadside assistance service is provided only in cases where the vehicle has a weight of less than 3.5 tons (total vehicle weight), and its length is less than 5.5 meters. 





We collect your personal data primarily Wei Passover reported to the company Roadz order to enable us to manage and provide roadside assistance service to you, including coordination between the vendors service of the parties to the other when necessary. Roadz may also collect personal information from you and exchange it with service providers , the relevant authorities to better serve the customer , agents, call centers and providers of IT services for these purposes and for any other purpose approved or as authorized by law. If you provide us or our agents or entities contracting with us, with personal information about another person, then you undertake that the information has been provided with the consent of the person concerned and that you have the authority to act on his/her behalf . We may also use your personal information for marketing, planning related programs, developing products, and for research purposes. If you no longer wish to receive marketing materials from us, please contact us at: 22273834 or contact us by filling out the contact form on our website. Or communicate via